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“This is a revolutionary new Joint Pain therapy. Today we are changing the practice of medicine”-DR. OZ

On a recent episode of the Dr. Oz Show Dr. Oz demonstrated just how effective Magnetic Bracelet Therapy is. They conducted their own study just to prove to the audience how much pain, magnetic bracelets can take away.

I currently suffer from Arthritis in literally all my joints…I started wearing the bracelet in April 2012…I wear the bracelet constantly and probably will not return to the medications.” J.M. G age 65

The Myth Of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy or magnotherapy is an alternative medicine that treats specific medical problems by subjecting the body to magnetic fields. Although mainstream clinical science scoffs at the cases made by Magnetic Bracelets as well as have actually stamped it as a pseudoscience, ardent advocates say that magnet treatment through Magnetic Bracelets works in a non-invasive way to heal many uncomfortable disorders, mainly back disorders, arthritis as well as joint pain. Electromagnetic fields from irreversible magnets are said to accelerate the healing process of the body as well as relieve pains.  There have been many scientific studies to show that many people benefit from magnetic therapy, although our bracelets are more than just magnetic therapy as we have also included other rare earth minerals that stimulate increased blood flow and nervous system support.  These minerals also create an electro magnetic pulse that is frequencies to target pain receptors in the body.*

As people began searching for an increasing number of economical and also holistic healing methods, a simple yet efficient technique was found to be exercised in Germany, Japan and also Israel. The concept behind this treatment is relatively simple. The effective magnetic fields of a magnet promote the electromagnetic fields in the human body thus improving circulation as well as advertising healing. This paves the way to general good health.

Magnet treatment is most effective when made use of in conjunction with other kinds of choice healing therapies like acupuncture or acutouch. Magnets are positioned at stress points to ease discomfort. Magnets open microscopic blood vessels as well as help with far better blood flow. On the other hand, magnets can likewise be made use of to transform the instructions of blood circulation and hence prevent the spread of irritation.

Magnetic Bracelets available come in various forms, dimensions and also forms. The rate differs from the nominal to extremely expensive depending on exactly what sort of products are made use of. Magnets could be taped to the skin, used as fashion jewelry, put in footwears, or slept on as cushions or bed mattress.

Several of the usual ailments dealt with making use of magnetic treatment are sleep problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint inflammation, migraines, and also backaches.

It is thought that magnets should be put precisely in order to gain the complete effect of the treatment. Thus it is advisable to undergo treatment under the assistance of a professional.

If you are using Magnetic Bracelets to ease pain caused by minor however relentless problems like arthritis or back aches, you may be advised to use a strip of magnet that generates a magnetic field strength of 300-500 gauss (that’s about 10 times more powerful compared to the magnet on your refrigerator). Relying on the strength of the discomfort you are experiencing, you might should wear the magnets for as little as five minutes or for as long as many hours daily over a number of weeks. A magnetic pillow is used to alleviate neck pain and also magnetic bed mattress aid people experiencing sleep problems. (we offer these products on a trial basis only.  Please write us at if interested in our trial program.

Is magnet treatment really reliable? While lots of proponents, including medical professionals, show cases of effective decrease of discomfort, there is no medical support to the healing effects of magnets. On the other hand a few of the most enthusiastic fans of the therapy include athletes that swear that they can not go on playing their sports without the aid of magnets. Some supporters also go so far about declare that magnet therapy can fight infection and also improve problems of the main nervous system. There is some study that reveals that magnets could definitely soothe discomfort. When it comes to the break of knowledge, the healing effects of the magnets still depends on the worlds of secret.

You must try the therapy for yourself to see if it works for you.  Only then will you know.  That is why we made it easy for you to take the chance of trying our new technology by offering a 30 day “no questions asked”, “return in any condition” return policy.  We want you to feel comfortable and confident in trying our new technology.  We want to bring the world this breakthrough technology as we know from the many who have tried our BEING bracelets that it does work to bring relief to people of all ages.

*For more on this see our science page and or our fans page.

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